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A referral is received from either you/your representative or your funding body and a quote is requested. When funding approval is received a consultation is arranged between you, the client and/or your family and the RN Service Coordinator to assess your care needs.





Funding is provided by any of a number of Government and non-government organisations. In some cases, care may be self-funded. Private clients will be required to sign an Individual Financial Contract.




Conduct Assessment

The assessment usually takes place at the client’s home. This enables Complete Care Team to orientate the client to CCT and the services it provides, inform the client of their Rights and Responsibilities, and identify care needs, develop client goals and strategies and interventions to achieve goals and identify any Work Health & Safety concerns.


The RN Service Coordinator uses the Client Assessment and History Form to collect information about the client's care needs, goals, strengths, interests, beliefs and aspirations.


The RN Service Coordinator will also collect information about your health needs. You may need to provide us with some information from your doctor if it is relevant.This may include:


A Medication Order - This is needed if CCT staff are required to supervise medication on shift. Please note all medication must be in a “Webster Pack” provided by your pharmacist.

An Asthma Plan

An Epilepsy Plan

A Diabetics Plan


The RN Service Coordinator also conducts a Work Health & Safety (WH&S) assessment to identify any risks and address any safety concerns.


At this meeting, the Client and/or family are given a CCT Client Information Pack and Individual Client Agreement. Note: This is provided in a format accessible to the client and/or their family; interpreters are provided as needed.  They also receive a fridge magnet which contains the CCT contact details.


Information about your rights and responsibilities, privacy and confidentiality and other relevant policies are explained to you at this meeting.


The Individual Client Agreement is also explained at this meeting and two copies are provided one is signed by you (and/or a representative) and by CCT. One copy is kept in a secure file at our office and the other copy is kept by you. You may also need to sign a funding agreement.


If you are a private client you will also be required to sign an Individual Financial Contract.





Develop Care Plan

The information collected in the client assessment is used to develop an Individual Support Plan designed to meet, in the least restrictive way, your individual needs, goals, strengths, cultural beliefs, interests and aspirations.


The Individual Support Plan that we will be developing in consultation with you and your family/carer and other relevant professionals and will provide you with opportunity to ensure the services we provide assist you to achieve your goals and your preferred lifestyle. All the information about how we will be providing these services to you will be contained in the Individual Support Plan.


Two copies of the Individual Support Plan are returned to you for your approval and signature. You will keep one copy of the signed relevant plan in your CCT house file and one will be returned to CCT and kept in your secure file at our office.




Commencement of Service

CCT in consultation with you and/or your family identifies the staff member/s best able to meet your care needs.


Your funding body must approve the services requested. CCT will commence the service as per the funding request and approval.


If you are a private client, services will commence as requested by you/your representative once the Individual Financial Contract has been signed.


The staff member/s are then appointed and your service commences.


Allied Health Professionals and other relevant professionals involved in the client’s care are contacted as needed.


Evaluation and review of person-centred plan

CCT aims to provide you with the best possible service that continues to meet your individual care needs, goals, strengths, cultural beliefs, interests and aspirations.  As such we regularly monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of the Individual Support Plan.


The Individual Support Plan is reviewed at least annually by our Registered Nurse or Senior Team member overseen by our RN to update your goals and care needs, and more often if there are any major changes to your care or as required by the funder for Icare participants.


CCT will also evaluate your service annually to ensure your care goals are being met.


We understand that your time is valuable and for this reason CCT offer you the choice of how you would like the review to take place either in home or over the phone. You will be sent a letter and receive a phone call prior to the review so you can indicate your preference.





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